Lambo Moon Parlay –

Wenbei Hits it out of the Park
Baseball is one of the hardest sports to bet. Anyone can win on any given day. It is hard enough to guess 1 winner correctly, but wenbei managed to pick 4 in the same slip! Only 1 of the teams was a heavy favorite, making this a clear candidate for Lambo Moon Parlay.

Congrats wenbei, in addition to your great winnings, we have added an additional free bet to celebrate your accomplishment!

Betcoin Bants Episode 8 is here!

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Those of you who haven’t been offended yet by Betcoin Bants, may be in for a shock this week, as comedian John Gregory has managed to cross the line he has been walking for weeks. Make sure to subscribe to the channel, as you don’t want to miss out on what he says next. Like and comment our videos for your chance to win free bets from!

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Bet on the NFL Wild Card Round at

Bet on the NFL Wild Card Round at
This week’s games are available now for pre-match betting, with up to 300 markets available on each match. Or, make watching the games for fun, as you bet them LIVE, in progress, at your choice of our 2 sportsbooks.
NFL Wild Card Schedule (Times in EST)
Jan 13 (Saturday)
Browns vs Texans – 4:30 PM
Dolphins vs Chiefs – 8:00 PM
Jan 14 (Sunday)
Steelers vs Bills – 1:00 PM
Packers vs Cowboys – 4:30 PM
Rams vs Lions – 8:00 PM
Jan 15 (Monday)
Eagles vs Bucccaneers – 8:00 PM
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Watch Betcoin Bants – Episode 11
John Gregory is back with another episode of Betcoin Bants!
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On this week’s episode of Betcoin Bants, Comedian John Gregory gives us his humorous spin on the Black Rock ETF, as well as legendary football coaches Jim Harbaugh and Bill Belichick. Make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss an episode. Each week, we give away prizes to people who like and comment on the videos!

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Europa Casino Review

Europa Casino Review


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6. **Consulting and Advice**: “Ignite innovation and drive success with ChatGPT consulting services! Tap into the boundless knowledge and expertise of ChatGPT to provide invaluable insights and strategies that propel businesses to greatness. With ChatGPT as your strategic ally, you’ll be unstoppable, guiding clients to new heights of achievement and prosperity!”

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