Five things you need to know about home hydrogen water machines

1. Does the hydrogen-rich water machine electrolysis technology realize the complete separation of hydrogen and oxygen?
PEM membrane electrolysis water technology is a very advanced hydrogen production technology that can completely separate hydrogen and oxygen, guaranteeing drinking water’s safety in hydrogen water machines.

Many hydrogen water machines on the market still use in-body electrolysis technology. The electrolysis process of this technology is almost like this. The secondary electrode generates hydrogen ions, which in turn generate hydrogen molecules. The strong oxidation of positive electrode electrolysis is mainly to change hydroxide ions into oxygen atoms. Two oxygen atoms combine to form oxygen molecules, and the combination of oxygen molecules and oxygen atoms can become ozone. If the water contains chlorine ions, the strong oxidation of electrolysis can oxidize the chlorine ions into chlorine gas, and chlorine gas dissolves in water to become hypochlorite.

This electrolysis technology is straightforward to produce non-hydrogen derivative products, such as ozone, hypochlorous acid, and other oxidants. These components not only affect the taste but also are toxic substances. Although the toxicity to the human body needs to consider the concentration factor, there are health and safety risks.

Therefore, when you buy a molecular hydrogen water machine, you must understand the technical principles of the product and other information and pay attention to the product’s safety.

2. How “rich” is the hydrogen concentration of the hydrogen water prepared by the hydrogen-rich water machine?
From the hydrogen concentration-effect relationship perspective, the higher the hydrogen concentration, the stronger the effect may be. Because there is a specific limit to the amount of water a person can drink at a time, generally speaking, the human body can effectively absorb more hydrogen by increasing the hydrogen concentration of hydrogen.

Here I want to give you a basic knowledge of hydrogen because hydrogen is a tiny and insoluble gas molecule; the saturated solubility of hydrogen at standard temperature and pressure is 1.58mg/L, which is what we often hear 1.58ppm. Above this value is supersaturated; below this value is sub-saturated.

When you purchase, please feel free to confuse the name of hydrogen-rich water. Hydrogen-rich water is not necessarily water rich in hydrogen. The key depends on how “rich” hydrogen is in the hydrogen-rich water because drinking hydrogen water is beneficial because of the hydrogen contained in the water that works! And don’t trust the product advertisements for the concentration level; the actual test data should prevail.

3. How efficient is the hydrogen-rich water machine in preparing hydrogen water?
The efficiency of hydrogen water machines in preparing hydrogen water is also an aspect consumers must consider. When you want to drink a cup of hydrogen-rich water, it turns out that it takes a few or even ten minutes to drink it; isn’t it a bit depressing?

There is also hydrogen water machine equipment produced by innovative technology on the market that can instantly prepare hydrogen water. For example, the nano-bubble hydrogen water machine product of Nano Barber can instantly prepare high-concentration hydrogen water supersaturated at 2.5 ppm and above in seconds, without waiting, with a high concentration in an instant and very high production efficiency. Moreover, the minimal power can meet the preparation of ultra-high concentration hydrogen water, and the energy consumption needs to be improved.

4. How long can the hydrogen lock capacity of the hydrogen water prepared by the hydrogen-rich water machine last?
Many hydrogen water machines have the electrolysis reaction directly in the water, in addition to the risk of the electrolysis catalyst falling off into the water body. The generated bubbles are all super large, one by one, they rise rapidly one by one, escape to the surface of the water body, and often take a cup of Hydrogen water, as short as 10 minutes, as long as half an hour, hydrogen is elementary to escape from the water, and the hydrogen concentration in the water drops or even becomes no different from ordinary water.

However, if the hydrogen-rich water machine adopts nano-bubble hydrogen-dissolving technology, nano-bubbles can form a solid “bubble shell” on the surface and firmly lock hydrogen molecules; the little elf who loves to escape in the bubbles, as long as the nano-bubbles do not burst, then hydrogen molecules can remain in theater for a long time. The hydrogen water prepared by a nano-bubble hydrogen-rich water machine of Nano Barber will have a concentration of hydrogen molecules of about 1ppm after standing for 60 minutes.

5. Does the hydrogen-rich water machine have other functions? Like making warm hydrogen water?
In hot summer and comfortable spring and autumn, everyone can drink normal temperature water, but most people like to drink warm water in cold winter. Some friends are arrogant and say: “I don’t drink cold water in spring, summer, autumn, and winter; I just drink hot water.” We know that the higher the temperature, the stronger the mobility of the hydrogen molecules, the stronger the thermal movement, and the easier it is for the incorporated gas to escape. Usually, it is tough for us to dissolve hydrogen in water at room temperature, but it is even more challenging to heat hydrogen water.

Technical problems limit most hydrogen water machines on the market, and they need help to make warm hydrogen water. As soon as the temperature is heated, all the hydrogen will escape, and your hydrogen water will instantly become ordinary boiled water, so there is no point in it~~
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